Published: Cherry Credits

Shelled Online! is a follow-up to the game Shelled! Featuring new weapons, graphics, tank customisations, several new multi player game modes and single player missions.

I coordinated all programming work on the project and art integration. The game was a sequel to the original Shelled! game which I also led development on.

My work included game play scripting, player controlled flying tanks with pseudo physics, network optimisations and dynamic terrain generation. I was also responsible for creating new artillery types and several areas of the HUD/menu system.

New features I added in Shelled Online included a script driven event system to aid level designers in the creation of single player missions. Implementation of state machine based AI for greater single player mission control as well as different enemy AI personalities.

Additional work on the back-end infrastructure was also undertaken which included master server development, configuration of Debian based web and game servers and integration of the GarageGames InstantAction API along with requirements testing.

A project Postmortem (PDF) is available for the original version of Shelled!

Reviews: Out of Eight