Shelled! is finally out the door and it’s FREE! Head over to to read about the game and download it.

I played for a few hours the other night, with 5 other people, great fun. Very easy for the odd grudge match to develop when you get shelled by another player. The poor AI always takes a pounding in round 1 while everyone tries to stock up on cash for those nukes and high fives.

Out of all the shell types, there are only two I find I don’t use at the moment. Every other shell has its uses depending upon the terrain. Slider shells are useful on very hilly terrain, high fives are great for a quick fly by shelling, the machine gun works great as a defensive shell when your jets have overheated and you have a tank inbound. The use for the leveler isn’t obvious at first, but it can give a slight advantage on a few levels, I’ll leave you to figure our which and how but a hint is the rocket comes into its own on the same level.

You could play Shelled! using nothing more than the default shell and do fairly well, but if you happen to play another human player that has discovered fly by high five shelling, you’ll be in for a hard time making first place!

The game has a few nice tactics, which may at first not be apparent, after a while though I’m sure most people will work them out. Remember the machine gun is your friend, turtles with rocket jets are meant to fly and although the nuke is costly, nothing says good night better than a direct hit with one :D

I’ve had a great time developing Shelled! and wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to work with Joshua, Andreas and everyone else on the Shelled team.

Happy Shelling