CGEmpire, a new forum I’ve been reading, posted a challenge to code a procedural texture generator. After seeing some of the examples in the challenge thread it looked interesting enough to have a go at.

I’ve created a DirectX app with a choice between three different texture generation methods. The first two are very simple, random and linear. Random selects a colour for each x,y pixel randomly and as you would expect is pretty much random noise. Linear draws 5 pixel wide alternating white/black bars, again nothing worth showing.

The third creates a cellular texture. This is my first attempt at generating a Cellular texture and aside from being extremely inefficient in the nearest coord calculation (brute force) the results are quite pleasing.

I’ll probably also add a few more texture generators in the future based on other methods such as Perlin noise etc.

A texture generation post would not be complete without a few generated textures: